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A Tax machine in Minato-ku




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TinyMCE_MW.php for MediaWiki 1.18.1

Extension:TinyMCE MW(MediaWiki + TinyMCE_MW) is really great.
But there is an issue with 1.18.1 version of MediaWiki.
Which means that you’ll see the message below in error log.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Parser::strip()

I’ve got fixed this problem. You can download Here.

Processing Tree Structured Data with MySQL

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What I’ve done today is committing the first version of idml-sharp.
which is a library for .NET written in C# & hosted on google code.

The library helps you when handling Idml.At this time, only reading feature is available.

A Day in Shanghai

Xindanwei(新单位) is really nice place! And Don’t forget ChinesePod, When you learn Chinese!

With Kay & Jenny from ChinsePod at Xindanwei

A Day in Beijing

I’ve attented Digital Publishing Asia Pacific 2011 in Beijing

A Day in Xuzhou

I arrived at Xuzhou, China!

Attended Startup Weekend Shanghai English Edition

I’ve wanted to go to “Startup Weekend” for a long time, but it’s always been at a bad time for me. Many times I’ve excitedly checked my schedule only to end up sighing in disappointment, but my chance finally arrived. Startup Weekend Shanghai, which went from September 9th to the 11th, overlapped perfectly with my business trip to China so I was finally able to attend!!

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A List of Web Browser-Based & WYSIWYG Editors for DITA

Name Embeddable Browser Compatibility Notes
Chrome Firefox IE Safari
Xopus x 3,3.5 6,7,8 demo
expeDITA ? x
easyDITA 3.5+ x
Firefox Add-on
Yulup - 3 - -
Firedocs - 3+ - -
Java Applet
oXygen XML Author x demo
Authentic ? - - x -

Stand Alone Software
Vex - - - - Eclipse based
Bluestream XDocs - - - -


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